Attention video artists and filmmakers: Do you have old video works sitting in your studio going nowhere? Exhibition copies that have become unwatchable due to format drift? Student works that haven’t seen the light of day?



Bring me your tired beta cams, your poor mini DV tapes, your huddled DVDs, yearning to be inserted in play decks once more. Send the wretched refuse of your LaCie drives, plastic tubs and steel shelving units to me, that they may play another day.

Video Art Video Shop is a pop-up library that collects the unwanted, unloved and unseen video art and experimental film projects of artists that are collecting dust on shelves and in personal archives. As the head librarian, I will lovingly ingest these items into my temporary library, symbolically re-instating them into the art historical archive, before offering them to the public for redistribution. Visitors to the library can not only view these little-seen works, but take them home. In exchange, I only ask that they allow me to follow up in one years time to find out what they did with their loans – whether they simply sat on another shelf gathering other dust; whether the work was re-used or re-mixed into new artworks; whether it was screened and shared with others; or whether something more unlikely became of it…

Please get in touch before submitting!

You can download a submission form here

NB: The public outcome of Video Art Video Shop has been postponed until such time as it is safe to hold such a face-to-face event. I will work with The Capitol to find an appropriate time to do this.

I am likewise unable to receive physical submissions at the moment, however Online Digital Submissions are OPEN. Please fill out the submission form and send me an email with a download link for your work. I will update all submitters and this page when it is possible to. Stay safe and stay home!

Email me if you would like to send your submission via post:

Submissions can also be physically left in the drop-box outside the Fine Art Admin Office 10am – 5pm Weekdays:

Level 1, Building 24, 124 La Trobe Street, Melbourne

Video Art Video Shop will happen at The Capitol at RMIT in the second half of 2020 dates TBC. Watch this space for event details.