Picture Skew is a expanded screen culture blog, and a collaboration between sisters Jessie Scott and Maggie Scott featuring reviews, interviews and original video content.

From the site:

Picture Skew is how we confidently pronounced picturesque before we had heard it spoken out loud by anyone more worldly than ourselves. It is edited by Maggie and Jessie Scott and aims to report on, review, investigate and creatively respond to film, art and video (and all the bits in between). Our aims are many and varied. One is to encourage writers, and another is to encourage artists by providing a robust dialogue around their work. Our most grandiose claim is to expand concepts of moving image art to be more inclusive and reflective of how it is used, made, and viewed now. We hope to draw out connections between video, art, and film, rather than continue to reduce them into separate categories. It’s all about the ‘overlap’.

We are not at all snobby about the films of the ‘Cinemarrrrrrrrr’. If a picture moves; if it has the shapes, the sounds, the colours…it’s all up for discussion here.